Friday, April 10, 2009

I'd like to be in a Belgian Café

Today, I was thinking back. There's something about my altogether brief experience in December 2003 which has stayed with me.

This was a great café we stopped at in Brussels while we were there. It was cold, which made it much nicer to be inside. The art-deco art-nouveau design was to our taste, also.

It seemed very popular too. Maybe it's the Belgian chocolate that I'm remembering? Surely a measure of civilisation is making sure your chocolate is of proper quality. I'm aware (as a non beer drinker) that Belgian beers have extra points. However, Bev ensure our chocolate cravings were satiated with an excellent mousse desert tonight, from our great friend Xanthe's cookbook 'Recipes to know by Heart'. Yes, I am spoilt by two great cooks.

Here are the mousses lurking in the fridge, as posted on Bev's blog here.

I do also remember a very alcoholic evening in Belgo, Covent Garden drinking planks of shorts with some equally overheated and soon-broke bookselling colleagues.

Of course there was culture, too, while we were in Belgium. I'd got very cold taking pics of some some statues in a local park, with the trees covered with Christmas lights. The statues did rather look like a stage set, waiting to come to life, but if they were as cold as I was, I don't think they'd be doing so anytime soon.

And there was a cathedral. It lurked.

Belgium is another country we'd like to get back to. It's a long list.

It's great to have so many great memories and experience to call on. I'm sure the grandchildren will hate hearing them.



Snailspace said...

Whoa. Did a double-take on that 2nd photo there - I must have a Belgian doppelganger. I drove thru Belgium in June 2003 to France, so technically was "there", but sadly missed Brussels (again!).

Taccola said...

Heh. We actually commented on the resemblance at the time.

We'll have to meet up there and hunt him down. Should make a good film script!