Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Night & Day in Brussels

This post is a of photos now nearly a decade old, taken in December 2002, in a Low Countries trip from the UK. 

We were lost at night in Brussels, when we found this little fairytale park (above).   A memorial for poets? A tribute to top tipplers? A glorification of the nation's brewers? We're not sure but should look it up...

Cathedral  ... or just a church?  We were still lost, so we don't know which one this was. Footsore travellers spot gorgeous stained glass lit from inside, and beautiful from out.

The entrance for the catedral. Some EC cars went past but didn't spoil the shot.

Classics in two price ranges. A Citroen 2CV parked in front of a Mercedes showroom with a very rare Mercedes Gullwing in the window.

Time to hit a Belgian Cafe.  There's nothing like one. This one had a real Art Deco style.  Complete with computer screen!

We were able to collapse in relief, to be cheered up by hot chocolate, red wine, and a map!

Buxom Lass outside the War Museum in the Parc. Hm, if the Belgians like their beer and sausages, it's good that they also like their women, er, well-covered. In one sense.

The Brussels Air Museum is an amazing museum, in an old jousting hall (yes really) of the Parc Cintantique - rather like the Crystal Palace must have been. Alladin's cave for me!

Speaking of Aladdin.  One of the aircraft nose art examples. This happy chap and his magic carpet was on a Stampe biplane.

In the adjacent War Museum, the display has essentially, not changed since before the First World War - truly a museum of a museum. How many Belgian flags are there?

A case of drums in the War Museum - visible is an AIF (Australian Infantry Force) above at least one Canadian regiment example.

Back outside, pics of some lovely crumbling art deco houses near the European parliament area. Some were done up; some were for sale, and most seemed to be inhabited by pigeons (or trees!)...

[This post brought to you by Webshots closing down their service, and reminding me of some albums from back in the day.  Nice to see them again]


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