Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Swinging skyward

Recently, James and I went to an airshow up at Albruy, with friends Charlotte and Richard.

This will not surprise you - airshows being James' bag, but the bit that I want to report was the hangar dance, the night before the show.

It was a charity event, 1940s retro-style, with the air force band in their dapper uniforms sending up swing hits and doing their best impersonation of Frank Sinatra and his band.

With about 500 people in a large cleared-out hangar, and some aircraft on the pad (oh, I'll be in trouble for not remembering exactly what types...), and gorgeous setting sun just after we arrived, it was a vintage night.

There was a fine dinner, and a load of girls in Scottish togs playing bagpipes, and a costume competition, and more. James even (shh) - danced.

Many fantastic photos can be found at the official website.

I hear the boys loved the airshow too. At least, when we picked up two tired, hungry, slightly sunburned and very happy men with overheating cameras, that would be the description I would give of their state.


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