Friday, March 6, 2009

A day at the Queen Vic market

We get to the market about once a week, and usually it's me (James) with Meghan and sometimes it's Bev. If it's a red letter day, it's all three of us!

So, because it was all three, I was able to take photos without being too laden down. Above is the fruit & veg shed.

Some of the names are mildly amusing.

We usually start at the Polish Shop. Cold meats, and many other things to make a Pole homesick.

We've not been buying much bread lately, because Bev's been making her own, but the two bread shops we patronise offer a remarkable range, with bread types from all over the world. However I'm a bit worried about his moustache.

One of the bread shops has a sideline (literally, it's around the side) in CHOCOLATE. This is just a small selection of the larger lumps.

Then onto the meat and fish hall.

"I'd rather be swimming..."

Jagos are our regular butchers. They know me all too well, but still make sure we get the good stuff. Mmmm pork fillet... steak... topside... rrr...

And then onto the fruit & veg across the service road. By this time we're usually feeling broke, but (hopefully) not too laden!

Gotta watch those little old ladies.

Bev stroking some 'Hattifatteners' (Kipfer potatoes).

And then it all got colourful...

Enough apples for teacher to buy a PhD!

And lastly a sign spotted by Bev warning of the fruit ahead. Man on a forklift - 'Man go'. Geddit? Oh, OK. Sorry.


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Anonymous said...

How lovely - reminds me of our Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

It is difficult to get from one end to the other and still be in funds!!!

Happy eating.