Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas fruit of the Season

In Australia. There is an upside to the importation of a mid-winter special pleading with the gods festival into the middle of a 40 degree C summer.

This picture is for our poor, snowbound northern neighbours. The cherries taste even better than they look, by the way.



eileenr said...

That's mean. I couldn't find cranberries in the shops. Crazy!

At least we have no snow so far.

Snailspace said...

I see your cherries and raise you a rutabaga.
And a squash.
And lots of carrots, beets, and brussels sprouts.

Yeah. I miss fresh fruit and veg.

Happy Holidays, you two.

Taccolina said...

Rutabagas, oooh yes... so envious. And wasn't it Nigel Slater who wrote, about Brussel Sprouts, 'Why would you want to eat smelly little bags of water that only give you wind?'

Though I disagree if they are fresh, still slightly crunchy, and rolled in hot garlic butter!