Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glad that's over!

For those currently facing sub-zero temps in Europe and wanting some warm thoughts, we've got 'em.

'Lonely Cloud'. Crop from a picture by Bev.

Here we had just under 45 C (113 F) yesterday and at midnight it was 37 C (99 F, and just under the highest ever recorded temp in the UK, I understand). Thankfully, after it got to 35 (95 F) today we got the cool change through mid afternoon, and it dropped from 31 (88 F) to 24 (75 F) in an hour. More thankfully still the predicted high winds didn't occur and there were only a few grass fires, no bushfires, despite the first use of the new 'Catastrophic' fire warning. Fingers crossed for the next few months.

Warm or cold, be safe, folks!


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