Sunday, September 5, 2010

New boots, mouli & floods

It's good to have some new boots, and we also got a new mouli that'll be crushing items into Italian delicacies in no time. Drawing by Bev, of course.

The boots went straight into action as there's been some serious flooding in this part of Victoria.

We are alright thankfully, but the creek that's been dry earlier in the winter was running about ten metres wide yesterday. (Some places have had a month's average rainfall overnight.)

The picture above was taken yesterday, Saturday. If you look at the picture below, taken from this post a few weeks ago, you can see how much bigger the creek became.

But that's not all.

The whitecaps running past the big tree are in the creek bed proper, but that island isn't normally one!

This meant that Bev went into 'worm rescue' mode, saving many of the little guys to become aerators in the veggie-beds, rather than drowning on the driveway...

All good fun. But sparing a thought for those flooded out, or our Kiwi cousins in Christchurch dealing with a major earthquake.


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Anonymous said...

Goodness you live in an area of extremes. Fires and floods... hopefully no earthquakes for you. The images out of New Zealand and amazing. Entire facades of buildings gone.

Bev is a good soul rescuing the worms!