Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Troll in the Cottage

I've taken to referring to myself as the troll in the cottage these days, as it seems I barely want to go out at all, apart from great excursions into the garden every day.

Moomin Cookbook
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But there's one advantage to being a troll: Moomintroll cooking!

Jo and Paul very kindly gave this to me for Christmas and it's packed with recipes -- the expected and the unexpected. It runs from berry soup to smoked fish and several variations on porridge (which I don't think I'll be making in any big hurry). It's definitely an introduction to Finnish cooking, as the subtitle would have it, and although lots of the recipes are incre-dibly simple, it's got a slightly unexpected character to it. And lots of quotes. Plus super fantastic illustrations.

Tonight for dinner? Well, seeing as we have not left the house and do not, no no never have visited the Troll Supermarket, tonight's dinner is Little My's peppery spaghetti. We have ham! And cream, and pepper... we eat!

Tomorrow I suppose we must go out...

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