Monday, March 14, 2011

Hit that food town.

Very exciting. A very important friend - who since we worked together back in the dark ages has become a successful and high-profile food writer - is in town for a few days to do with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. As a very important addition, we've agreed to do a flying B&J Food Tour of Melbourne...

So, that'll be The VicMarket-MedWholesalers-Enotica&BooksforCooks-Dolchetti and off to ours afterwards, then! Enough to make you bite on a rose.

Further details soon. Did I mention 'very important'? Good.


Xanthe said...

Who is it who is it? Why did you not introduce me???

Taccola said...

I think an introduction would've been superfluous, I think you know her very well.