Saturday, January 21, 2012

Edge of the weather

One of the neat things about living here is that we often see the 'edge' of the weather; particularly on the local 'mountain'*, where the clouds are forming, or stopping. Strangely, although it often looks imminent, this weather often doesn't get to us, only a few kilometers away. Yesterday was a particularly acute version of this, as we started from a bight dawn and drove under the edge of the cloud into Melbourne and then later in the day back out from under. The attached photo was taken from the car (edited above, unedited below**) and shows the cloud on the mountain folding into the cloud to the side.


*Only in Australia, the flattest continent. A hill to anyone else.

**Shot on my iPhone and then stitched together as a panorama in the App 'AutoStitch Panorama'. I like both versions for different reasons. The roughness of details in the unedited one adds a certain charm, I think.


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