Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Tomato Processing Day

Recently we combined with our friends Brad and Kirsten to convert several boxes of tomatoes into passata and various other squashed tomato products.  Here's a photo account of the day.

Brad starts by giving the toms an invigorating shower...

And then they were chopped, the dud bits ditched, and made ready to be cooked on down.  This shot was actually from later in the day, with some finished product on the left, but don't peek there now.

They were cooked down on every hotplate we could involve, including the barbique...

Using the bright red passata machina from the Mediterranean Wholesalers (where else?) latched to the table by its vacuum foot and a piece of screwed down Perspex.  Brad's invention.

Meanwhile Kirsten had made a magnificent loaf for lunch.

Other products included chutney, underway as here, and tomato sauce.

There was loyal, hardworking support from Jarvis, the cat.

And after going through the Fowler's Vacola machine, they were turned upside down by Mickey Mouse...

And Brad prepares for his farmer's market look.

We're good for Tomato product, now!


[Pix by Bev & James.]


eileenr said...

I have to get one of those contraptions this year. We did it all by hand last year. Still enjoying them, though.

Taccola said...

By hand?! Eep!

The Passata Machina is, I'd suggest essential, as it also increases the probability of man-involvement, as there's a handle to turn. The best older Italian gentlemen wire them up to a Merc windscreen wiper motor, I'm informed...