Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Signs! The Signs!

If you're going to protest about English, recheck the spelling on your sign, there's a God who does nothing but strike spel.. spelli... writig on sines,

But that's an esy targit.  Here's some hil.. hillari..  funni signs from The Vine.  They've got 100 there, but here's an appropriate selection for our loyal readership.


Ooooh, that's just typographically mean.

My favourite for so many reasons, but most of all for the very visible use of Tippex / Whiteout on a sign.  Elsewhere*, on the misuse of history front:

Uh...  You're not going to like this...

Meanwhile, in Canada's less frequented protest.  ("Hey, Doug.  That was against fat cats, not dogs, man.")

If nothing in the 100 makes you smile, your're probably dead.  Or holding a misspelled sign on a road somewhere...

All images via The Vine.


*Scarily this seemed to be possibly the only sign NOT photographed in the USA.

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