Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lancefield Show

Today was the Annual Lancefield Show, and we went along with Emma for a look around.  Much fun was had by all, and here are some highlights.  

Above, the aerial signal for all great oudoor events, the escaped helium balloon (crying child not pictured).

Bev and Emma discuss the finer points of sheep.

Fine cows, near and far.

Champion.  And don't you forget it.

'Snowball, The Killer' was his name.  (OK, I made that up.)

Much stunting on trailbikes.

Taking a moment from heading sheep.

Duck herding - apparently an effective way of training up sheepdogs, we've now been told.

Haircuts were available.

Though the tools and technique seemed based more on amount removed and speed, than the final 'look'.

 But the kids like to play with the wool.

Onto the crafts, not to be missed.  'Baby Jesus' & Team!  Rocking knitted beards, guys.

Under 5 vegitable monster contestant.  My 'simple, yet effective' awardee.

After a few too many of the wrong drinks, you've felt like that, right?

But don't worry, there's a cake from a young girl (12 and under) with a rainbow to make it all better!

"Look, mum, it's Teddybears on the beach!  And those Teddies are in the water!"  Ahhh.

Meanwhile, over on Easter Island, Maddyson (8) makes a break for freedom.

Now for the serious stuff.  The trees may be short, but the chopping was swift.

BIG chips flying...

Last blow.

Other boys (and girls) went over to the tractor pull...  Above is an Australian made Chamberlain Champion.  It were, too.

Everyone had a go.

The sliding water tank was a neat item.

Might need some work (or even paint).

Back to the woodchoppers, this was the start of the two-man relay.

And this was the second stage.  We had a great time, but tea was calling...

Pics by Bev & James, text by James.

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