Friday, January 18, 2013

There & Back Again

It's been quiet here.

But we're back.  I noticed on our return that the crisp all-too-bushfire ready grass made the same crunchy noise at +35 degrees as the snow in Canada did at -2 degrees*.

We'll get a few blog posts together of some of the many highlights and fun things we got to see and do on our Christmas and New Year extravaganza over the next few days and weeks, so check back and please let us know you're stopping by!


( * For those still stuck using Fahrenheit, that's 'really hot' and 'just below freezing' - or 308.15 and 271.15 Kelvin.)


Greg said...

Looking fwd to the phots, esp. Tokyo! Dial us up some evening / morning - lets catch up

G & E

Taccola said...

Well, there's a monster photo post on Tokyo coming up, but it's been a monster to caption! Let's see if we can catch up on the weekend. Stand by...