Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spotted in Tokyo

>>Warning: this post is rich with deliberately misunderstood cultural signifiers. >>

One of the delights of Tokyo was puzzling out the meaning of the various signs we saw around us.

Or not.

It's so easy to find your hotel when it's right behind the red billboard for SUPER MILLION HAIR. (You have to yell the words like you're on Wheel of Fortune, okay.)

Could it be, no, wait, no misunderstanding here. Eddie, don't tell me, is plaid suddenly all the rage in Tokyo?

Hello! I appear to have green hair and a stem on my head. I am very happy here with my friend the slightly bashful ninja turd. Together we will teach children the joys... of... nature...

While the stationmaster retrieves her hat, the innocent school girl takes the opportunity to begin transforming into a blood-sucking zombie.

(We're kidding okay?)

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