Friday, February 29, 2008

How to get a Spitfire going...

...backwards. A secret talent, with nothing up my sleeves, but luckily some other folks with real muscle.

We had the bi-annual RAAF Museum Pageant last Sunday. It was a busy, fun and knackering weekend, but we were lucky with the weather (I wasn't - I got burned hands for the first time!) and there were loads of highlights, but here's a smile, getting to push one of Australia's only two flying Spitfires That's me at the port (left) wingtip). Pic by Glenn Alderton (thanks Glenn) who normally takes a lot more interesting photos! They can be seen on the website he runs here.

The real Spitfire driver is Guy Bourke, seen here taxiing out for the display.

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Christopher Mackay said...

Have you ever noticed, James, how there's no bad angle from which to photograph a Spitfire? Beautifully-designed technology.