Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturdays are for playing in the park

It's a blustery Saturday morning, and the clouds are skidding around in a big blue sky. Toby and I ran around to the park this morning where it was all too exciting - he obviously didn't know whether to sniff all the smells first, or chase the ball, or roll, or dig. It must be quite fun to be a dog. In the end, he sat there and wiggled his bum and tail excitedly as he lifted his nose to sniiiiif the air - ah, a nice bouquet! He looked like he was drinking a fine glass of wine.

I'm trying to teach Toby to find his ball. Partly 'cause I'm lazy, and partly because he has a better nose than I do. And it's a dirty green ball on a dead grass green park. So we practiced, with me hiding the ball all over the park and asking him to find it - each time he did, he got a cuddle, lots and lots of praise, and of course, the all-important slice of hot dog. That dog will do anything for a piece of processed meat that I shudder to think of ingesting. However, he IS a dog...

Anyway, just at the end I hurled the ball long and far and told him to go find it, because this time, I really truly had lost it and had no idea. Off he charged, and then he bounced around in a flowerbed telling me 'it's here somewhere' and then, all of a sudden, he sat and stared up into the bushes above the flowerbed - and lo and behold, the ball was stuck in the crook of a branch. I think I was gushing when I told him how clever he was. That dog looked so proud of himself and pranced all the way home....

Now we're having a lovely quiet morning together - he's doing dog-doughnut (nose under tail) on his bed next to me, and I have been ranging online, looking at quilting, crafting and other wonderful sites like this colourful one, and this tempting one, and of course, checking up on the Craft Sanity blog.

Happy Saturday!


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