Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hell-oo Dixville Notch

The Hale siblings, 1926 at Dixville Notch.

Long, long ago, in a country far, far away (from Australia), there was a family called the Hales in a little New Hampshire town called Dixville Notch.

The family ran a hotel, and there was also a house on the lake, where my Grandma and her siblings ran about.

It's late at night in Australia now, so I checked in to see how things are faring with the election (it's going to affect us, too), and I've discovered that Dixville does it again.

As a kid, I was always told that Dixville Notch briefly shone in early election coverage, for its tradition of being the first township to declare election results. Shortly after midnight on election day, all 21 eligible voters cast their votes. They get individual polling booths, so that there's no lining up and waiting. At four minutes past midnight, it's over. They've been counted, and the results are in: 15 for Barack Obama; 6 for John McCain.

Go, Dixville Notch!

Read the full article from The Age - and the coverage from the BBC.


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