Sunday, November 16, 2008


Some kids like diggers. Some kids like dinosaurs. There's something about a combine harvester. But then, some kids like aeroplanes and don't grow out of it. This beastie's always popular with the kids.

There's a lot of history to go behind it, but we'll suffice with the fact it's the Royal Australian Air Force Museum's CAC Mustang. (The RAAF Museum is where I act as a volunteer guide about once a week.) This Mustang is flown about once a month, to an always delighted crowd.

It's still owned by the RAAF, and is the only active Mustang in Air Force (or government) ownership anywhere in the world - out of several hundred flyers around the globe.

But the main thing is it's got a cool shark's mouth. Beats a digger any day.


PS: Unfortunately the RAAF Museum's government-managed website has said the Mustang is grounded in 2005, and they just don't seem to update it. I wonder which blog reader will scribble a note-to-self to chase that up again?


Hoppo Bumpo said...

My 2 small digger-fanciers are definitely impressed ... but they want to know if it can talk?

Taccola said...

Dunno - I've never asked it a question. But it certainly growls, snorts and whistles. If the pilot gets it wrong, it breathes flame, too.


Brett said...

But then, some kids like aeroplanes and don't grow out of it.

I'm sure I don't know anyone like that!