Monday, June 29, 2009


We've had a busy couple of weeks with a lot on, ending yesterday with a visit to Kinglake to discuss the launch of the bushfire cookbook with the community there. We'll update the blog properly soon; there's just been too many 'next things' to take time to post about them.

This is a photo we took of the Kinglake National Park on our way to that hard-hit town. It's now four months on from the savage bushfires here, and now the new growth is visible in the stark devastation. We saw little of Kinglake itself (probably a good thing) - as it was dark by the time we arrived, but what we did see was a striking mix of the tidy in the savaged.

It was impressive to meet up with some of the people there and discuss what they want to do. To say the absolute least of it, the whole experience was very thought provoking. However I don't recall ever seeing a community with such drive and a sense of purpose before.

We promise more soon, but that's just one of the more important things we've been working on.


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