Saturday, June 13, 2009

In the Alley

Toby and I decided to go down a different alley to our usual walk. This is the alley.

We thought it was interesting - firstly there was no graffiti, and it was relatively tidy. Like most Melbourne alleys, it's surfaced with local bluestone, which has old grooves in it.

As well as lots of interesting smells (says Toby) I liked the row of garages - a kind of visual echo of the beach huts on the bay. And there was obviously a spaceship halfway down...

Here it is. Obviously the aliens have stopped by to pick up some paint from the local hardware store. Wonder what the Australian dollar to intergalactic credit exchange rate is?

The strong colours and shapes were eye-catching.

Obviously some garages had been converted to extra dwellings (or alien landing pads) or not, as above. The local area is heritage listed so development of the houses can often only take place at the back (or not). I liked the varied rusts of the iron, and the moon hovering in the background.

Another door had a good patina from years of use. When we explain to people at the museum that fondling the artefacts has an effect, this is it. Hand grease and rubbing.

Another place further down had this new building in there. The downpipe top looked ~ well different.

It had a copy of the head of 'Weary' Dunlop's statue (see the ANZAC day post) and he'd been attacked by an insect's cocoon on the side of his face. We see these in all sorts of odd places (the cocoon, not Weary).

It's amazing what you see when you look. (And sniff, says Toby.)


Pics by James and Bev.

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