Friday, April 24, 2009

ANZAC Day 2009

It's ANZAC Day. Just pictures.

The Australian War Memorial, Canberra (AWM).


'Weary' Dunlop. AWM gardens.

Bell recovered from HMAS Perth, sunk Suda Strait. AWM.


Embroidered 'Sweetheart' cards. RAAF Museum.

The Shrine, Melbourne.

Sikh family picnic, Australia Day, the Shrine, Melbourne.

Vietnam Memorial, ANZAC Avenue, Canberra.

Omaka, New Zealand.

'Simpson & his donkey' sculpture, Canberra.

Merchant Navy Memorial, AWM, Canberra.

Kiwis in Canada. RNZAF Museum.

'Boy in a Bomber'. GB Shaw. RNZAF Museum.

Eternal Flame, AWM, Canberra.

Bomber Command cost. AWM, Canberra.

'Old Fred' Imperial War Museum, London.

'The Death of the Red Baron', Omaka, New Zealand.

Australian Nurses Memorial, ANZAC Avenue, Canberra.

RNZAF Kiwi. RNZAF Museum.

'Over the Front' film, and schoolgroup, AWM.

Boat, Gallipoli. AWM.

(All photos by James)

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