Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here there (used to) be monsters

A view of Windemere from our 2008 Lakes visit. B

The Lake District in the UK has a fascinating, complex, layered history, and is one of our favourite spots in Britain - not least because it has mini-Rockies in it, good for a Canadian's heart.

Is there one of these* monsters...

One of the most secret bits is the fact that there was a big aeroplane factory** there during W.W.II. Some time ago I hooked up with Allan King, online, and last year, when Bev and I were visiting the area, we were able to finally meet Alan and have a very nice lunch. Allan had been researching the story of this essentially forgotten factory, and the local people involved, for many years. There was a Loch-Ness-aeroplane story involved, and Allan has the answer...

...lurking under here? J

We (MMP, my publishing company) were able to publish Allan's book, which is now out, and thanks to Allan's PR skills, he scored a signing session at the local Waterstones and a feature in a spot on the BBC, available on the website, here, where Allan reveals the solution.

Well done Allan.

If you can pop by to see the exhibition at the Visitor's Centre at Brockhole, please do, otherwise you might like to buy this very fine book, from here. [shameless plug]


*The Short Sunderland in the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. One of all too few survivors. **It was a small factory for big aeroplanes, or a big factory for big aeroplanes, depending on your point of view. The Sunderland is a beautiful but big flying boat, and capable of lurking like a behemoth. Monstrous any which way.


MRO said...

Hi James! Congratulations on publishing the book!!! I wanted to look at it but the link didn't work - just letting you know, but perhaps you're aware...? Hope all is well! Max

Taccola said...

Dear Max,

One of the many in a long publishing programme, but one I thought of wider interest. And Allan did well!

Broken link fixed.