Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frog dessert

Watch out for the frog behind your gelato... Remnants of a good afternoon on Lygon Street.

On the 'international confusions' notepad, I've realised that while 'gelato' is just Italian for what we call 'ice-cream' in English (but usually made to a better quality in Italy than mass-market junk we get in the English speaking world) it's shifted meaning. It seems some Americans regard 'gelato' as a cow's milk based item rather than buttermilk based ice-cream. While in Australia, it seems gelato stands for sorbet. (Others have the misconception that the word 'gelato' is related to 'gelatin'. It's not.) More here. It's interesting that a different change has occurred in two countries (with a significant Italian immigrant population) for a very basic term. Spaghetti and pizza, despite adulterated versions (Heinz and 'Deep-Pan' bletch please stand up) still essentially mean the same thing!


PS: Another one pic post that isn't. Sigh.

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