Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer breezes

As we sit here on the patio, side by side in lawn chairs, looking at the lake and the boats, the sunlight falling on the mountains and the late day's breeze, she says 'It's been two weeks since we posted a blog post - or is it three?' He says: 'Mmm'.

Patio lounging. Pass the wine!

Relaxing in Canada, chez Parents Laing, enjoying summer hot weather and swimming every day in the lake. (Or should that be lakes? Today's sample included a new one.) Clear blue water and hot sun.

Yes, there are bushfires here, and yes they are serious, but they are on the other side of the lake, a couple of miles as the crow flies (and there's a large, long lake between us and them). We watch and hope that the damage is minimal to those over there.

In the last week, we've been out and about, and there's so much to show! A friend christened this the 'Bev and James frolic' across North America. There will be pictures of planes, I promise. And crafty things, too.
Taking pictures of the flowers at the botanical gardens and sculpture park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
(Photo by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood.)

In the meantime, there are flowers and sunshine, planes and people, cricket and crafting. And watermelon. Don't forget the watermelon.

Plenty of cuddles available for free. Smiles, too. (Shame the giraffe copped it).

Having a great Northern summer, catching up with the family, meeting our new nephew, and generally being spoiled. More soon.


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Anonymous said...

I had hoped your holiday was enjoyable! Give that gorgeous young man a squeeze for me. He's precious. Love your raspberry delight from the other post - very good. :)