Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This little piggy went to....


Not just once, but twice!

I picked up Toby last night from James' lovely friends G and S and their boys. It was fantastic to see the little guy, who was puzzled but delighted to see me, too. Since we got home, he has been following me around the house with his 'What're we doing now?' look on his face. And searching for James, who comes home tonight.

So last night, as we were chatting, I was asking how Toby had been (good, with a completely new tendency to escape and hang out on the front doorstep) -- and G said; 'He went to show and share'.

Show and share -- you mean, like Show and Tell?
Yep! The boys insisted, and G went along, and he went to both classes of primary school. What's the betting he LOVED that one?

Hilarious. I love it, too!
(I wonder what he learned?)


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eileenr said...

Glad you made it back home safe and sound and Toby has his mom back. Hope you had a great time.