Sunday, November 28, 2010

Osso Buco Dinner

One of the nice things about rainy spring weekends, is you lie on the sofa and read those new cookbooks your husband is always mentioning you keep buying. (To which I can now respond, "But it's my job!" and chuckle madly, clutching the latest.) No, not too many, but some good ones...

A productive visit to the farmer's market netted a glorious slab of osso buco, some small young artichokes, potatoes and a few other goodies.

And the other great thing about spring? Just at the time when you rip out all the leeks before they go to flower, there are buckets of broad beans.

Broad beans preparing - braised leeks with white wine, some boiled potatoes, tossed all together with a very fresh home-grown garlic sprig.

Osso buco on the left, slowly simmering all afternoon in white wine, then finished with a gremolata (lemon zest and parsley). Simple, slow - and fantastic!

All either from our garden or local produce from the area - Trentham spuds (ours aren't ready yet) and the meat from the local Belted Galloway herd, and by buying from the farmers, premium food at a reasonable price.

Good thing there's enough for tomorrow, too.


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