Wednesday, February 16, 2011

360 Degree Markets

Thanks to this post on 360 Cities Panoramic Photography Blog, we have a set of 360 degree panoramas that drop you right in the middle of a selection of the world's markets. Click on the title to go to the panorama.

And there's twenty more; although sadly none of our favourites (anyone prepared to do Oxford's Covered Market? Our 'local' is probably still Melbourne's Vic Market and then there's the fish market in Treviso, which has to be a top location, set in the middle of a canal). It's close to a 'real' experience, but you can't fondle the merchandise, smell the smells or hear the crashes, noises and banter. But some things are captured -

My favorite has to be this Sicilian fish market in Marsala - there's a nice man offering you your fish (I can't seem to find the 'complete transaction' button) while the usual market lurkers are all staring at 'you' wondering what you are up to - very Italian.


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