Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of the things we like very much about living here is the big sky.

Yesterday evening there was a number of thunderstorms rattling about, and they created the most amazing pre-sunset cloudscapes.

When the sun did start to set it turned the opposite sky pink.

Ripples in the dam were created by paddling feet.



sahlah said...

So pretty! Have you ever looked at the images at Cloud Appreciation Society?

I love clouds...

Are you staying dry? Monster storm up North... you guys can't buy a break these days.

Taccola said...

Interesting site Sahlah, thanks! We are getting exceptional rainfall here, but no flooding, thankfully.

Queensland, as well as being the other end of the continent is also in the Tropics, but they are already having a tough 2011, even by tropical standards.