Thursday, August 11, 2011

Census counts

Australia has one of the highest census response rates in the world, with 97.3 per cent of its population counted during the 2006 census, the spokesman said.

This compares with 97.2 per cent in Canada and 93.9 per cent in Britain, he added.

And some of that's down to my work as a collector! Part of the difference between the UK and Australia will be down to Australia having all household census forms being hand delivered, and mostly still hand collected by dedicated collectors, while the UK uses the (more comprehensive) postal system. I don't yet know what method the Canadian census uses, but I'm sure I will soon. Meanwhile, the US census seems to exist in an alternate reality, and I've been unable to find any reliable statistics as to its count accuracy behind the variety of other strange stories and controversy it generated.

There's some interesting material on censuses on the Wiki page (here) including on the countries in question.


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