Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perfect Headline

Sometimes the headline is just sweet:

Woman uses stiletto to attack ATM

What's not to love? As you'd expect that's basically the best bit, although "The machine ... was struck 'almost 50 times' by a woman shortly after midnight on 2 July." is a pretty good sentence. Sometimes spending your carefully hoarded kebab money on that extra cocktail in the knowledge you can ~hem~ 'hit' the ATM is a mistake, particularly when the &^%$%# machine refuses to hand over the cash.

The article finished by saying that the Police would like a chat. I'd hope it would be for tips on grip and angle, and what kind of stiletto does the best damage.


For those who want the rest of the story, it's here, with video. I like how she hammers the thing, puts her shoe back on, goes 'beep boep boop beep' "No Cash" and then calmly has another attitude adjustment on the machine.

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