Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MAN Magnets in Munich

We had a great time in Munch, and both enjoyed this first visit to this part of Germany. Bev was, of course, familiar with the other side of the country from previous visits, but it was my first time in Germany at all. When we hit Munich city centre, there was a MAN truck 'show' set up by the company. As Bev said, they were clearly MAN magnets, and it was an interesting odd sidelight to the trip - so with no more ado:

A nice big red MAN truck. And me.

Very carefully arranged badges.

The world's cleanest cement truck?

The backdrop was quite appealing as well.
And there was some lovely historic signwriting on the vehicles too.

Including on this post wagon.

A very old one; note the solid tyres.

And a traction engine. Steam. Mmm.

More soon, but that should keep our truck enthusiasts happy.


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