Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tivoli's Pantomime theatre

After over a month's travel, it was our last night in Denmark and on the Continent; and it was a good one, at the Tivoli Gardens. One of the core parts of the Tivoli is the theatres and stages, and particularly, the Pantomime theatre.

This has little or nothing to do with the fine old tradition of British Panto, but has its roots in the in the Commedia del Arte tradition, including the portfolio of stock characters: Harlequin, Colombina and Pierrot, who have a reputation in mainstream life. Visiting Tivoli, we made sure we took in one of the two nightly performances, and here's a few highlights...

Pratfalls and slapstick (top) and the dance of Harlequin and Colombina.

She defies her father, who wishes to match her to Il Capitino (below).

Pierrot, the servant, is well meaning but clumsy and disastrous - a pistol provides endless comic possibilities...

All of which the kids enjoy...

...and at the end, the stage is hidden away by the amazing screen based on a peacock's fan tail.

And that's just the centre of a marvellous open air stage (below). We were reminded of London's Globe Theatre, in its importance as a historic, open venue. (Bev: and in the sheer delight with which the show was greeted by the locals and tourists alike. I enjoyed seeing the Danes in front of us HOOT with laughter when the fop minced on stage and fell over Pierrot).

We thought it a wonderful entertainment, and we enjoyed it immensely, even the (few) bits in Danish. And it is presented in two differing performances most nights at the Gardens, throughout the open season. There will be more about Tivoli Gardens in the next post - so stay tuned!


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Debbie said...

I love the Peacock Theater. It is fabulous. Love your post.