Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Felt penguin waddles in from the mail box...


Look who found his way to our house:

After my recent post about the wonderful creations I'd found on the Woolpets site and their Flickr group, can you just imagine my delight when a parcel arrived from the States with this little kit inside?

I immediately sat down and started jabbing away at the felt to make this penguin. Thanks, Jennifer! Little did she know about the "penguin thing" in this house, so the gift was even more appropriate. The kit consisted of a large hunk of furry wool fibres, two needles, and instructions. It turned out to be pretty easy, and I'll be reviewing the kit for my crafty friends over at Taccolina.

Now James suggests I make penguins for re-enactments: "Ben Hur" as acted entirely by felted penguins; "Titanic" and "The Nutcracker" as vamped/danced entirely by felted penguins....



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