Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tough times in Texas

Mudfight in the Waiting Room. (Galveston Rail Museum photo.)

As most people are well aware, due to the global media, Hurricane Ike made quite a mess of the Texas coast last week, causing huge amounts of devastation, and death and injury throughout the western Atlantic area. While not as terrible in human terms as the devastation in the Bahamas, Haiti and Cuba are, there were other effects as well. Thanks to the global community nature of the internet, I was also made very aware of the damage to the Lone Star Flight Museum of Galveston. While the museum staff are understandably 'shaken and frazzled' thankfully they all survived. They were able to fly out most of the airworthy aircraft, but unfortunately many had to stay, including their Hawker Hurricane which was missing its wing and tail, which were awaiting repair. A Hurricane hit by a Hurricane is a rare (and sad) event.

The Lone Star Flight Museum's Tiger Moth and Consolidated PBY is their formerly spick and span hangar. (LSFM Photo.)

However, I was also directed to the website of the Galveston Rail Museum, where they had these tragic, yet surreal photographs, which I had to share.

Calling for help? (Galveston Rail Museum photo.)

Here's wishing the people of Galveston (and all those others) the best of luck with their clean-up and recovery operations.

Galveston Rail Museum website.
Lone Star Flight Museum website.


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