Saturday, October 11, 2008

Country Roads

Since we've been back in Melbourne, one of the things I've been pondering is how to describe what it's like living here; the question we probably got asked most by our friends and family as we travelled.

Maldon. Victoria's first Heritage Town.

It's almost impossible to answer; it's certainly not like the adverts or the myth of Australia that's known overseas.

That's more what's expected.

Wind pump.

While Victoria has few of the 'big ticket' tourist destinations, it does have a remarkable variety of landscape and flora.

Lovely stonework on the railways.

Since we got back, we've not yet got 'up country'. Rural Victoria doesn't have the clich├ęd views that people expect, and is the smallest Mainland state (so, about the size of England) but we enjoy exploring it.

Includes big trees, and prehistoric ferns.

The pics here were all taken on days out around Victoria, mostly last year. I'm looking forward to hitting those country roads once again.

There's a fair amount of industrial archaeology.

No drinks at this pub.

There's nowhere quite like it, and it's 'home'.


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