Saturday, January 31, 2009

Around the World in 80 Books

Well, I'm still travelling.

You might have seen my previous posts, in which I decided to hop on the idea of the good folks at The Penguin Blog, and head around the world in 80 books.

Three stops, and I've already proven a few things to myself:
1. I'm not so hot at going in a straight line.
2. I'd better have a good budget for this trip, because I seem to be indulging in a lot of trans-Atlantic travel.
3. I'm keeping pace with the Penguin blogger, but I'm off in a totally different direction.

So, what happened?

Well, after France, I'd had enough of the rain, the misery and the dead bodies everywhere (Simenon's Sixth Omnibus). So I headed straight for Italy, and for the cooking of the northern regions.

Second stop: Italy, of course!
Book: Regional Foods of Northern Italy, by Marlena de Blasi

Even though I am a cookbook nut, and adore to cook, this time I decided that I was going to sit down and read the entire cookbook, cover to cover. Ingredients, directions, notes. I'd like to say I managed it, but that would be a lie. I came pretty close, but some recipes just didn't take my fancy, and so, after reading the ingredients, I let myself move on.

Conclusions as a traveller:
Stock up on pancetta, and invite a few friends around. There's lots!

And after our lovely time in Northern Italy in mid-2008, I can imagine the landscape, picture the towns, and almost smell the markets.


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Anonymous said...

I should say hello first - James has been helping me identify the old plane and car...

so I wished to say hello to you as well. :)

This is a lovely challenge you have undertaken. I'll look forward to your next destination.

Do you have a favorite chef?