Saturday, January 24, 2009

M&J's 'New' Gaff

Our good friends Meghan and Julian recently had their house extension completed, and it was a great honour to be invited over for the first big meal after it was all done. As ever, there was a bit of heartache along the way, but it seemed to us that it all went very smoothly overall, particularly with the work they'd done before in research and choosing stuff. Here's a few pics to celebrate the new house bit.

The view from the sofa - taken by James, of course...

Upstairs is a new bedroom (there wasn't an upstairs at all, before).

Ingredients. We ate well, as ever at Meghan's, but a happy cook with a new kitchen... a joyous sight. (And one to hang around, because the grub's good too.)

While the girls chat in the kitchen,

The boys do 'boy talk' by the computer.

And dinner was excellent, of course.


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