Monday, February 2, 2009

It's a QuiltFrolic!

Last night, the heat finally dropped and the evening turned out fine. I was out in the garden attempting to take some photos of the most recent quilts and getting cross with the results.

"Let's grab the camera and go down to the museum!" said James.

What a clever husband I have.

The light was clear and the backdrop stunning. And with big ledges to stand on, no trouble to get those big quilts out and about.

I always thought quilting was a noble art, don't you? (wink)

So the quilts got their very own fashion show, watched over by a eagle-eyed dog, a girl learning to skateboard, three passing ruffians, one of whom badgered James for cash (politely), and several strolling families who watched, bemused, as I capered with my quilts on the steps.

Most of the photos reside on the laptop, and James is writing hard for a deadline tonight, so I am not going to ask to edit and post them just yet. There will be more, and some over at Taccolina, too.

It's a wrap!

Photos in this post by James, of course! Assistance provided by Toby.

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