Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red spot of hope

May 2004, South Bank Centre, London. James

This has always been one of my favourite photos, partly due to the juxtaposition of the red jacket and balloon, the green weeds and the relentlessly grey environment.



Sean Bradnam said...

Very nice composition. Once of my favourites. I have a difficult time reconciling the Banksy v graffiti thing.
I always enjoy finding a Banksy in "the wild" but hate the typical tagging & the like with a passion.
To me his work seems to be more art in an open setting, shame that with time they mostly all end up ruined by unintelligible scrawl.
My personal favourite used to be the large Pulp Fiction piece, before it was ruined and painted over.

Anonymous said...

Also the sentiment - There is always hope stenciled on the wall.

Beautiful shot.