Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a little bit

I've been leaving the floor to James a bit, as he has some idea of how to express how both of us feel about this dreadful week. We, like many, feel overwhelmed.

But I wanted to pop in to make a quick mention or two. The publishing company I work for, like so many other small to medium businesses, collected money for the Red Cross and pledged to match every employee donation, dollar for dollar. Of course many people have given through several channels, but in just three days, the company's able to pledge over $3400 - that's a bit of wow!

Tonight we're getting ready for the sew-in tomorrow. We'll be making book satchels and filling them with things to keep little ones occupied while the rebuilding starts. Colleagues dropped off bags of school supplies, stickers, crayons and pencils today. We'll do packs for young kids, mid-age and big kids: drawing pads, colouring books, reading books, diaries, pens and keychains, plus fun stuff appropriate to the age groups. We'll be sewing, stuffing, sorting and packing tomorrow. I want to do something - make something - and this is all I can do.

Please check out the links that now appear on the side bar. There are some super-amazing fun and dandy fund-raising art auctions, and you can get yourself or a friend a designer gift while helping us out. Please look.
Relief Agencies


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for those links. We have wanted to do something to help. Our hearts go out to all those wonderful people who have suffered unbearable loss.