Monday, November 23, 2009

For Eileen

Recently, inspired by Eileen's efforts and my class in book illustration techniques, I've been trying to draw or paint every day. Well, almost.

This is one of last weekend's watercolour paintings. The courtyard in Malta. Bright sunshine on white rock: so bright it hurts your eyes. Smell of water and blossoms. The lemon grove and the alley walk. I can almost see the baker coming through the big wooden gate, loaves big as pillows, full of holes for butter and honey.

I think the cyprus trees were blacker in the sun.

Keyboard dyig mstfinsh

Maybe I'll give it another try?


Christopher Mackay said...

Love the painting, Bev. Very nice!

eileenr said...

Fabulous!!! Want to see more. You can't just tempt me with only one. Was it based on one of your photos?

Taccola said...

Yup, a photo of the courtyard at Bubaqra tower, where we stayed a few years ago...