Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mad Monkeys And Odd Bananas

Thanks to our fellow blogger Sahlah here for her investigations of why one might not wish to 'Party with Potassium'. Pop on over to her blog post and take a look. But stand well back, or you might just end up looking like the monkey.

(Photo credits to Sahlah's blog.)

Meanwhile back to Australia, here's a recent banana experience we had. We do like to 'organise' things as humans - the 'taxonomic twitch'. So is this one banana or two? Or is it a bananananab?

Certainly it added nicely to the pancakes, although I'm not sure whether it was regarded as one banana or two bananas in the ingredients list. Of course it was bought at the Queen Vic Market, because you won't find something like that in the sanitized world of the supermarket's fruit and veg.

Sometimes it just goes to show it's not important to count and talk, just enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the banana post was so popular! Now I know :) Thanks.

I just love the double banana - twice the fun.