Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interior by night

Hi there.

We're still chuckling over the 'U-S-B-Wine' over here, but I have been doing a little scanning in between downloading Chateau Plonk to my desktop. The drawings and sketches are stacking up gradually.

I bought myself a sketchpad that is for washes as well as pen. It's great. Just a little A5 pad (5 x 8) but big enough to capture fun stuff. It's been in my purse for a week and there are several scenes captured quickly to paint and learn from. I draw them quickly on the spot, straight in pen (no pencil) and then watercolour over later. Maybe a final touch of pen if I buggered up the drawing (perspective sometimes is just so - twisty!)

Here's the first sketch I did and then painted in colour.

This drawing happened on the same night as the Greeks, just before Christmas. I was sitting with James at a table outside, and we could see in to the cafe where one of the women was carefully pouring frothy tops to cappuccini. Everyone was outside, it being so hot!

After a few days, I decided to come back and paint it. I remembered the strong colours -- the reds of the cups and the things on the counter top, the black wall behind her, and the glow inside. So I tried to catch the red and brown warmth of the scene, and it's late-night surreal feel.

After a little watercolour - Traffic cafe, December 2009.

It's definitely getting easier, but still quite a challenge! I was quite happy with the big glass jars on the counter, and the stripey bowl underneath (not stripey in real life but I wanted some red down there to balance it out.)

Yep, I'm happy.

The coffee was good, too.