Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sketches and scribbles

Last time I mentioned the drawing and painting activity around here, I was frustrated with the lack of depth I was getting in my paintings.

Now it's a week later and I have gained sufficient distance to show you what I was on about! (Click on the images to see larger versions).

This one is a flower-selling kiosk near where I work.

It was closed for an extended Christmas break, like so many businesses do here. It was a hot day and not as many people as usual were out and about, shadows dark, everyone moving slowly because of the humidity.

I realise now that part of the flatness problem I hated about this painting is the choice of angle.

It's at an angle to me where I was sitting, but not enough to create depth, just a sort of sliding flop to the right. Next time, I'll sit somewhere else!

I would also make the transparency of the glass on the booth windows a bit more obvious. It was reflecting on that day, but I could show the shadowy piled up buckets inside.

All is not lost! I liked the scooter parked by the side of the tram stop, next to the kiosk.

There's always something to be learned or to try out. That's why this painting and sketching lark is so addictive.


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