Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Colour splash

There are exciting things afoot in the sewing room (aka the front room/guest room/unholy mess) - and there's bright colour everywhere!

I mean fabric on the futon, fabric on the floor, scraps on the table and the sewing machine whirring. Not quite quilting, it's been a weekend of applique delights.

With a holiday Monday and a bit of extra time, I've been working on several projects simultaneously (after all, why finish just one when you can start and not finish a dozen?) The excitement is barely contained over here at my crafting blog. Yes, I've now got a creativity blog, and it's called Taccolina (the little crow - read the story about the name on the blog).

On Friday the little beauties in the photo above arrived. These are actually business cards - slim little Moo cards from www.moo.com, an amazing UK print service. I quickly point out that the designs are not mine! They have a bank of illustrators' work that you can choose to print on one side of your card, and your details on the other. I am ridiculously pleased with these cards, and with the card holder I bought from Etsy to put them in. Colour galore!

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