Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hot and cool all at the same time...

The other day, I cut Toby a slice of the watermelon fruit near the rind – a big treat for a greedy little dog who loves fruit.

What I’d forgotten, however, was that the knife I used to cut the watermelon had also been used to chop hot green chillies earlier in the meal. I turned around to find the poor dog sitting very still in the middle of the kitchen floor, hanging his head and looking the picture of silent misery, his ears flattened out in an expression of dismay. And he looked at me reproachfully, as if to say; “Big Dog Mama, have you poisoned me?”

All was restored soon after a cuddle and especially when I gave him the empty yoghurt container – his favourite - and naturally the best thing to combat chilli heat. So all was forgotten.

Actually, our watermelon slices were also slightly tingly with chilli, and I can’t say it was all bad! Sort of cool and hot and juicy all at the same time.


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