Sunday, March 30, 2008

Winter Gardening

We recently had a heatwave in Melbourne with the temps souring to an unseasonable autumn temp of 40 degrees C (that's really really hot for those stuck in F, or 104 if you must) but being Melbourne everything changes and we are now down to a low of 8 degrees. Not nice in contrast.

With the smell of woodsmoke from next door, Bev started to sort out some of the windowboxes that had been awaiting work. Toby helped. This ended up needing help from me to nail them (the boxes, not Bev & Toby) to the wall and about the same time (between losing the trowel and finding the pliers) we spotted this little fellow on one of the lemons. He's probably cackling in Moth: "Mine, all mine! Bwahhhh!" or something. Anyway, we reckon we got his best side.

It'll get colder before it gets warmer, but it's been kind of nice to have a couple of wrap-up-warm days as a contrast.


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