Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dogs and Darkness

It's been a quiet evening tonight. -And extra cosy for it, too!

Feeling like I'm coming down with a cold, today's damp and gloominess was just making it worse. I spent most of the afternoon on the sofa, under an old quilt, feeling mildly morose and sorry for myself.

But tonight we lit all the candles, sat in their warm light, and enjoyed the quiet without the hum of the computers, music or the TV. Along with many thousands of others in Melbourne, I found the prospect of an Earth Hour something small and within reach to show my concern over climate change. And it's such a beautiful place to live - we need to stop, slow down, and look around.

It's cold this evening, so we talked, and read things out loud to each other, and the dog snuggled in and warmed up my lap. I say, bring it on: we should turn everything off more often.

Earlier on today, I went thrift shopping - exchanging some old things and picking up some second hand goodies, including a cuddly cosy new winter jacket. I even found a piece of hand-embroidered linen, with someone's very tidy stitches making a flower and stem. I'll snap a photo of it tomorrow when we have some sunlight (or, if it's still raining, daylight will do!)
[The post about my thrifting delights can be found on my craft blog, Taccolina - Bev.]

For now, I'm going to cuddle up under cosy quilts, hope that the cold on my head is only an illusion, and post some photos of this week's crafty delights in the morning.

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