Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gone fishing

Every year should contain something new. This year had a number of firsts for me, but this item was a standout. As promised, Jim and I managed to get up to Oyama lake where we went fishing. (Bev and Pam came too, but this is the fishing bit of the tale.) A big thanks to Jim for the loan of the equipment, licence, fly (which I'm sorry to say was lost through trying to get the lake bottom into the boat) and patience. I caught two fish, which were voted rather tasty. I'll just add, so everyone knows what a great host Jim was, that he killed, gutted and cooked them too.

I just got to play at the best bit... Catching them.

Jim assured me this wasn't trying to show how you made all fish measure 40" long...

The fishermen return with provisions on ice.

Oyama lake is a beautiful spot and we were lucky to strike perfect weather for a grand day out. I'm sure Bev will outline some of the day's other highlights, but I'm sure you'll excuse me if I'm a bit focussed on one thing.

Bon appetit!


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